Interview with Tiffany Hoeckelman, Owner of Lone Orange Business Branding & Marketing

June 28, 2022 Steve Denny/ Tiffany Hoeckelman
Interview with Tiffany Hoeckelman, Owner of Lone Orange Business Branding & Marketing
Show Notes

The Wonder Woman of Lone Orange, Tiffany Hoeckelman is dedicated to helping small businesses develop polished and cohesive branding that is integrated into every facet of their operation. Marketing materials that lack sophistication, lack continuity and lack well-articulated messages are her archnemesis. She tends to geek out on systems and loves to help businesses run more effectively and efficiently from implementing them.

Starting out in 2010 as a virtual assistant and freelance graphic designer, Tiffany witnessed several businesses undermining their success with poor graphic design. She soon recognized that small business owners needed help delving deeper than just their visual identity; they needed someone who could help them identify and cultivate their purpose. With that mission in mind, she has assembled a team of branding, marketing, and other creative experts to offer clients a menu of tailored support.

Discover the secrets to creating great customer experiences. It’s how small businesses make a big impression. Call Tiffany to learn the secrets to converting big impressions into impressive revenues.


Lone Orange helps overwhelmed solopreneurs scale their business beyond themselves with fewer headaches and more profit. We specialize in help them create strong alignment between their identity and operations so they can expand their reach and grow their team!

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