Robert Kluge Interview, CFO of Enterprise Accounting on Building a Successful Accounting Business

April 12, 2022 Steve Denny/ Robert Kluge
Robert Kluge Interview, CFO of Enterprise Accounting on Building a Successful Accounting Business
Show Notes

Bob Kluge is the Founder, CFO and Lead Consultant of Enterprise Accounting. Bob serves entrepreneurs on a national basis with financial strategies that allows them financial viability in the present, while proactively assisting them to meet their personal and professional financial goals. 

Professionally Bob was raised in an accounting family, learning the industry under the mentorship of his father.  He honors that legacy with the continued work he does partnering with entrepreneurs.  Bob has been celebrated as having one of the fastest growing businesses in St. Louis along with many of the clients that he serves.  Bob and his wife have successfully owned several businesses including 4 Merry Maids home cleaning franchises, a framing company that served both residential and commercial clients.  They have also been partners in many more.  Their belief in small businesses being the backbone of any economy is what informs their daily work and their volunteer efforts.   

Robert has joined Casas por Christo’s in building houses 7 times and continues to directly support their efforts on an on-going basis.  Currently Bob is serving as treasurer on the international Board of Directors for Ten By Three.  He has served on the national housing board of his fraternity, and numerous other Boards. 

Bob’s hobbies are first and foremost reading most anything.  He enjoys the outdoors, kayaking, swimming and gardening.  Much of his time is spent with his 5 children and 8 grandchildren. 

 You can contact Bob at: 
Accounting STL 
Phone: 636-779-0019 
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